Jeff in ICU

My brother Jeff is in ICU with several¬†life-threatening health problems. He went into the hospital with pneumonia the day we left on our honeymoon, and his situation became extremely dire while we were gone. He is stable for now, but he is on a ventilator, and his more serious issues cannot be addressed until he can breathe on his own. They removed the throat tube and did a tracheotomy to avoid permanent damage to his throat. He is finally awake, which is good, but he is in a lot of pain, is angrily trying to silently communicate, and can’t write what he’s trying to say because his motor skills aren’t in good shape right now.

We are all emotional, worried, and doing everything we can to attend to his needs. I’m in awe of my parents, sister, and sister-in-law, who have been at the hospital continually for weeks and have just in the last few days started to go back to work part-time. While the entire clan isn’t staying around the clock anymore, there is always someone there during the day and night while ICU is open to visitors. From what I have been told, if he remains stable and improves, he will be in the hospital for about three months. We’re wrapping our heads around that and hoping and praying for the best.

Because so many people have expressed interest in bringing the family food or making monetary donations, I’ve set up two websites. The first is a care calendar, where people can sign up to bring lunch to the hospital on a specific day for the person on duty. The second is a fundraiser so people can make monetary donations, which will go straight to Gina, his wife, at the end of November.

Please join us in prayer for Jeff’s health, his state of mind, his nurses and doctors, and his family during this extremely difficult time.