So Close!

Since I found out I could participate in working on TV shows while working in Dallas, not in LA or New York, Food Network has been my endgame. Recently, I got one step closer to that goal. I’ve been editing a new show for Cooking Channel, which is owned by Food Network. The star, Chuck Hughes, has been on Food Network many times – he beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America, and he was on Iron Chef All Stars last year. He also has another show on Cooking Channel besides ours.

So far, it’s only 6 episodes, and I was only brought in for the last two, but I had a blast and learned a lot. Last week, Chuck came to Dallas for a screening of episode 3. I got to go to lunch with him and the rest of the team, and I edited a blooper reel for the screening event. Getting to meet a Food Network star was awesome enough – he’s a really nice guy – but the fact that a Food Network star has seen my work (and complimented it! in person!) is just incredible. I feel very lucky to have taken part in this show, which is my sixth series on my third major cable network. I’ve actually just become the lead editor for another show on HGTV, so more news to come soon, but for now, here’s a photo of me and Chuck. Next stop, Food Network!