I was looking through some old family history documents tonight, and I came across a typed letter from my grandmother. It’s addressed to my second cousins, and it shares her memories of their deceased grandmother, her older sister-in-law, whom she loved dearly. It’s a sweet thing to have done, recording her memories for the younger generation who did not have as many years with her as my grandmother did. The ending is what got me, though, because it feels like she’s speaking directly to me. I miss her voice, her cheer, her advice, and her chatter. So, from Jane Schroeder Schmoeller I give you the following:

“I think we should all consider ourselves lucky to be who we are. We came from good stock, had loving parents, and we had lots of good times along with the inevitable bad ones. There were times when our visits were infrequent, but when we did get together, our love was still there, and we knew if we needed help, all we had to do was ask. Normal family units are in danger, so treasure yours. Like any relationship, it has to be worked at and nourished, but it is worth it.”