Top 5 Fabulous Things of the Month

This is the condensed, no-photo version.

1. Coach Biest totally stole the last episode of Glee. Dot-Marie Jones is awesome, and I love her.

2. Hiking in the Olympic Peninsula and near Mount Rainier was amazing.

3. On a work shoot out of state last weekend, my amazing cameraman Mark found us rooms at a sold-out casino hotel on my birthday. We had reservations at a Super 8 in a neighboring town because it was all I could find. Needless to say, it was a much more pleasant birthday because of him.

4. It turns out that the airport I flew into and out of for my shoot in Illinois/Iowa (a bridge over the Mississippi between the two) is five minutes from the tony town where my grandmother was born. She was born in a barn at the Country Club where her father, a veterinarian, looked after the racehorses. While the country club no long exists, I drove around the town and got to see where Baby Jane began her life. It was nice. Grandpa was born about an hour and a half from there – I’d love to go back and see it, too.

5. I finally got to try a Maid-Rite sandwich! It wasn’t amazing, but it’s a piece of American history, and it was fun. I happened upon one in Moline, Iowa, and we had to get one even though we had just eaten dinner! Yum.


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