Top 5 Fabulous Things of the Month

1. I’m editing for a couple of new reality shows premiering on HGTV this summer and fall. The sneak peak for the first one was last week after Design Star, and I had some family and friends over to watch it. This was the pilot, so my name wasn’t in the credits, but it will be for the next episodes airing in September. Great network, great people to work with, fun subject matter. Loving it. Check out Donna Decorates Dallas, Saturday nights at 9:30 Central!

2. My mother had a cake made for my father and uncle’s birthdays, and it was BRILLIANT. My dad is “over the hill,” and my uncle, 3 years younger, is following close behind. I have half a mind to send this to CakeWrecks, except that I loved it so much and don’t want my mother to think it wasn’t AWESOME. Also, note their combined age of 127.

3. My lovely grandmother died recently, and we are all working through that. I was graciously given her diamond ring, and it’s just so beautiful. I’d rather have her back in a second, obviously, but WOW is it fun to wear diamonds. The stone has been in my family for over a hundred years. My maternal great-grandfather bought it for his wife, and it got passed down to my grandfather, who wore it in a ring until he died when I was a teenager. At that point, my grandmother, who had never had a diamond before, had it re-set in an engagement-ring-type setting and wore it until she died this June. The setting is an “adjust-o-shank,” meaning it can get larger or smaller to fit over swollen old knuckles. It’s super sparkly and fun to wear, but the greatest part is knowing I have a jewel that has been in my family since before motorized automobiles even existed!

4. Sarah moved to Fort Worth when she got married, so I don’t get to see her quite as much. She hosted a girls night, though, where we cooked, ate, played games, and watched Noises Off on a giant projected screen in her media room whilst lounging on comfortable couches and chairs. The best part was watching her try to figure out all the technology involved in getting the DVD player to play on the screen! She had to call her husband.

5. I recently served on an industry Q&A panel for a local kids movie-making camp. It was an honor to be sitting up there among among some very important people in the Dallas film and video scene. We spoke to questions and concerns from kids and parents of kids who are interested in some part of the process, from acting to writing to editing. The highlight for me was when the man next to me who owns one of the major post-production houses in town deferred to me to answer an editing question! I had a couple of families come up afterward with additional questions, and I felt like I was able to give back a little to the community and next generation of folks in my business.

Hope you’re having a great month!