Top 5 Fabulous Things of the Month

April Fabulosity Update! It has been a month of planning for celebrations, many of which are pictured here. Long month. I am sleepy.

1. My father and I did our annual 20-mile Tour Dallas bike ride through town. The weather was perfect, no one got hurt or knocked off our bikes, we got to see the Gilmore/Harding clan, and we got some exercise.

2. I threw Sarah a bachelorette party! Since it ended up happening two days before the wedding, we went lower-key. We had dinner in Addison Circle and then went bowling at 300, which if you’ve never been, is not your parents’ bowling alley. Full bar, leather seating, very clean, no smoking and good music. This is a picture of the shot someone who worked there brought over when he saw our bachelorette…a “blow job” shot – hilarious!

3. Two days later, we had Sarah’s wedding at Harmony Chapel in Aubrey, in the middle of nowhere between Denton and Frisco. She was beautiful, almost everything went as planned, and we had SO MUCH FUN. The space was very natural, lots of light, and the photos turned out really well – check out photographer Jen Sosa’s preview. Check out Sarah’s rockin’ blue shoes in this picture! She was a beautiful bride!

4. No time to rest – the weekend after Sarah’s wedding and my sister’s wedding shower was my¬† parents’ 40th wedding anniversary party. Their actual anniversary was April 10, the same day as Sarah’s wedding. I made a photo slideshow of photos from their wedding on through present day. It was so neat to watch them begin their life together as college graduates and see my family grow in the context of their marriage, not just my entrance into the world and my own personal point of view. So few of my friends still have both living parents, much less still happily-married parents, and I am thankful for them every day – the function they bred into us, the support they have always given, the intelligence with which they’ve conducted their affairs, and the fun we’ve had together as a family.

5. I started and led a choir for Easter Sunday at my church, Church in the Cliff. We’re a small church, so although this doesn’t look like a huge group, it’s a significant portion of our attendance. We started out with I’ll Fly Away, Morning Has Broken, and Christ the Lord Has Risen Today. It ended up sounding really good, I think, and we had fun! I’ve been to about a million choir rehearsals and voice lessons, but I’ve never led anything myself. It was a learning experience, and I’m looking forward to doing it again. We normally have a folk band sing and play, and it’s nice to be able to integrate some of the more traditional the songs I grew up singing.