Top 10 Fabulous Things of 2010

It’s been a pretty awesome year, if I do say so myself! Here’s a top-10 highlight reel!

1. My father and I hiked the Grand Canyon.

2. After hiking, we drove to Las Vegas to meet Mom and Lindsey to celebrate Lindsey’s 21st birthday in style!

3. Grandma lived with my parents for a year, and the level of care she needed finally made it unfeasible. So we threw her a party, made all her favorite foods, invited everyone over, and then the next day, we moved her to an assisted living facility in Temple, TX, which my cousin directs. She’s been there about a year now, and she’s doing well. We visit frequently, and I miss her very much, but I know she’s in the right place.

4. Since Grandma doesn’t live in South Texas anymore, our annual trip to South Padre Island moved to Galveston. The beach was surprisingly nice, and the hotel was gorgeous. I was pleasantly surprised.

5. I did some editing for four episodes of a nationally-broadcast reality show. It was a silly, silly show on CMT, but seeing my name on national TV just never got old. So. Much. Fun.

6. I got to go to Washington, D.C. for work. I hadn’t been there since the school trip in 8th grade, and I didn’t remember much. I got to interview a director at FEMA, which was very cool, and he told me about their response in Haiti. I did a LOT of walking in my 48 hours there – went to several Smithsonian museums, including the National Holocaust Museum. The best part, though, was seeing Julia Child’s kitchen. It was behind plexiglass, but it was still so neat to see all her cookbooks, VHS copies of her TV shows, all her cooking implements, and her custom-made tall countertops.

7. This is the year of wedding – my sister’s and my two best friends’. Beth and Deanna got married September 23, and it was the sweetest homemade wedding. Beth either made herself or got on Etsy all the decorations, flowers, and accoutrement. We had so much fun, and the service was original and lovely. I had a great time playing Maid of Honor, a role I will be playing twice again in the coming months.

8. The preparations for those weddings are humming along nicely. I just bought my MOH dresses yesterday at the same store, so that’s out of the way. Both Sarah and Lindsey have found their dresses, and it was fun helping them look. I’ve spent a LOT of time at bridal salons this year.

9. My father and I loved the Grand Canyon so much that we decided to attempt Guadalupe Peak in West Texas. At 8751 feet, it’s the tallest point in Texas, and it was a beast to climb. The view was spectacular, though – from this point, you could see into Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico in different directions. Pretty amazing. The second day, we hiked McKittrick Canyon, which really looks more like New England than Texas. We rounded out the trip at Carlsbad Caverns, one of the most amazing places I’ve been. Truly spectacular.

10. Just after Christmas, Barry and I celebrated our one-year anniversary. I forgot to bring his Christmas present to him, though, so on the 26th, we had a Christmaversary! It’s been a wonderful year of fun, learning about each other, and making memories.