The Annual White Family Vacation lives! Grandma doesn’t live near South Padre anymore, so we decided to go to Galveston instead. I wasn’t really looking forward to it, but it ended up being really nice. The drive was reduced from 9 hours to 5, which was great.

We saw the Elissa, the Tall Ship of Texas, in the port area. Saw a cruise ship leaving one day.

Our condo was beautiful, and the porch was so nice. We had a wider view than usual, and much nicer porch furniture.

This is Dad, Shea, and Barry watching a rain storm pass by.

We had some good seafood at new restaurants. It was unusual to not know where to eat on the island! Nothing incredible, but good. We had a Shark Bite drink that was blue, and it came with a shot tube inside a plastic shark. It was filled with Grenadine, and when you pour it in, it looks like blood in the water. Did I mention this was all during Discovery Channel’s Shark Week??

After the first few hours the first day, I realized my sunscreen wasn’t waterproof! I spent the rest of the trip hiding from the sun.

Lindsey’s face in the back here makes me laugh!

We both may have gotten a LITTLE burned.

I got up early the last morning and went down to the beautiful pool area to read. They had a really awesome area that had a shelf 6 inches under the water, and it was perfect to sit in the shade of a palm tree and keep cool and read.

We found cups with the names Grandma would call Mom and Dad (Don and Kay, AKA Ron and Shirley).

The beach wasn’t quite as nice as Padre – Lindsey actually did get stung by a jellyfish, and we saw some in the water. It got her in three places as it swam by. A man on shore actually walked up to her with vinegar and meat tenderizer as soon as she got out of the water – someone in his family got stung, too. So we found her a stuffed one at a store on the Strand, where we walked around after leaving the beach the last day.

Remember Zoltar Speaks, the fortune-telling machine from Big? Well, apparenty there’s a Southern version: Pappy Tells All!

I introduced everyone to Buc-ee’s convenience store and gas station on the way home. The bathrooms are huge and sparkling clean, they make their own breakfast burritos and sandwiches and jerky, and they sell their own camo popcorn. Ah, Texas.

It was a new adventure, and fairly close to home. Barry came with us, and it was nice to have him. Shea, my sister’s fiance, joined us for a night in between a bout of food poisoning and work at church Sunday morning. Mom didn’t get sunburned for the first time EVER. Jeff and Gina couldn’t make it, unfortunately. It was interesting to see the damage from Hurricane Ike everywhere – half the island looked brand new, and half was falling apart.  It was nice to know we were supporting the Texas Gulf Coast economy. We had a great time. Next year, we’re trying to convince them to go to Costa Rica…well see how that goes.



I’ve just been food poisoned for the first time ever, and it was not pretty. So I’m distracting myself with some awesome.

Shane’s face as he waits for Corbin’s peach ice cream to drip on his head: AWESOME.

Going with my sister to try on wedding dresses: AWESOME.

Getting to see my grandmother during a family wedding in Temple: AWESOME.