Hoover Dam

Dad and I recently met at the Vegas airport and drove to the Grand Canyon. The plan was to drive back to Vegas for the weekend after hiking, so we made a little road trip of it and included the Hoover Dam on the drive to Arizona. My camera broke about 2 minutes from the dam – talk about bad timing! The lens just stuck out and wouldn’t retract. I can get it fixed, but it’s so old that I’ll probably just take the opportunity to buy a new one. Anyway, these are iPhone pictures, and I was surprised by the quality. They really capture the colors well, which I wasn’t expecting. The river water was a beautiful blue-green, and the dam itself was vertigo-inducing! It’s very a very steep and sheer drop down to the bottom.

This is a bridge they’re building over the river – there were workers with safety ropes climbing it as we passed. You can see them in the second photo. I can’t imagine that being my job!!

We had fun seeing such a famous landmark! The mountains in that area are beautiful to drive through!


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