Top Five Fabulous Things of the Month

1. Going to Fort Worth to watch Jamie, Joe and Kristen run the Cowtown Marathon and Half-Marathon. Barry and I saw them off, wandered about the city to cheer them on, and met them at the finish.

2. Adventures with the puppy! I gave Jasper a bath! I’d never bathed an animal before. It was fun! He also ran errands with me the other day, and he did very well in the car.

3. Sarah, her boyfriend, Barry, and I made Chinese dumplings, and if I do say so myself, they were awesome. We made a big plate piled high, and we ate every single one! It was a lovely first double date with the New Boys.

4. Home improvement…I got a chair for my reading nook! I tried SO HARD to get a used/secondhand chair, but I couldn’t find any for under $150. So I gave in and bought one at World Market that was probably made in a third-world country by child labor, using up precious natural resources. Being poor sucks. But my awesome chair does not. I also got a gift from my mother – a pretty wall decoration that I put above my bed.

5. Sarah and I took a trip to Austin. We visited Jessica and her family, and we wandered down South Congress, where several SXSW shows were in progress. We had some life-changing caramel popcorn, the real kind made with sugar and butter in a popcorn maker. We found a venue that used to be a train station, where we listened to some great music. It was a lovely weekend!


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