Garden, March: Planting Asparagus and Potatoes

I’m 100% certain that the asparagus crowns (year-old root systems that look like a mop) I just planted were not done so correctly. But they were also sprouting inside the plastic bag, so they needed to get into the ground ASAP. You’re supposed to dig a full-on trench so that the soil that’s put back in is loosened and amended with compost and fertilizer and the shoots have soft ground to move through, but I just don’t have the energy for that at this particular moment, so I just loosened the soil a bit and then dug holes for each crown.

I don’t know if these will take. Asparagus apparently doesn’t like competitors, and there’s a small tree fairly nearby whose roots are running all through the soil. I pulled up as many as I could, but they may get strangled or crowded or whatever happens under there to make a plant fail. I chose the spot anyway because it’s off to the side and gets a lot of sun. We’ll see!

The broccoli plants are growing, and the tiny heads are starting to form and get a little bigger every day.

The spinach sprouts are getting bigger…

The radish sprouts are turning pink at the bottom…

And the carrots finally sprouted! The second photo is the accidental carrot explosion!

I’m trying potatoes in a barrel again this year. The problem last year was that there wasn’t enough real dirt mixed in with the bagged soil, compost, and fertilizer. The only place the potatoes grew was down at the very bottom, where the added soil mixture met the ground. So, here, I used mostly real dirt with some earthworm castings mixed in. I’ll add more compost and fertilizer along with more bagged and existing soil as the plants grow, slowly building up the height of the barrel, about 3 inches at a time. Hopefully that will leave me with potatoes all along the way up. No sprouts yet.

By the way, if you buy a roll of chicken wire, unroll it with someone else’s help. I attempted it alone, and it scratched the heck out of me. I felt like I’d been attacked by a pack of cats. So…potatoes and asparagus. Stay tuned.


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