Spring Garden Miscellany

A few interesting things occurring in my garden…

1. We’ve had some over-70-degree days this week, which means my red-leaf lettuce is bolting! That means the growing stalks up the middle are going to shoot up some flowers and therefore seeds. In this picture the red-leaf are the two reddish ones to the right of the onions – you can see on the top one that it’s getting taller. I’m going to try my hand at harvesting and saving some of those seeds to plant next time. I’ve never done this before, but people have been doing it since the beginning of agriculture – so I think I can figure it out. Hopefully.

2. I have spinach sprouts! The radish sprouts came up last week, but the spinach just broke the surface in the last couple of days. I feel so much better. The suspense was killing me! The carrots still haven’t appeared. Wondering if the seeds were too old or something.

3. The more Swiss chard I pick, the more new growth suddenly appears. I was trying to conserve because the plants weren’t producing much, but I decided I should just go for it before it gets too much warmer, and lo and behold, they are looking better, bigger, and brighter every day. So interesting! The same has been happening with my other lettuces – arugula (far bottom left) and the mesclun mix (bottom middle and second photo). They are the very definition of sustainability, and I’m so thankful to be able to walk out my back door, grab a handful, wash it off, and have a salad or drop some chard into a sautee pan or a pot of soup. I have long since blown past the $2 each plant cost me in savings at the grocery store.


One Response

  1. love all of the gardening tips! let me know what else i should know. i bought a tulip bulb to plant…and am hoping it will take and last. the best part about having a garden here is it is always 70 degrees…oh and i have a gardener 🙂
    miss you!

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