Here’s some AWESOME logic for you.

I’ve been reading a little about the Colorado Catholic school that refused enrollment to the 5-year-old daughter of a lesbian couple. I found this quote in regard to the issue on the website of the priest who made that decision.

“Would that I could wave a magic wand and make all of the present struggle disappear.  I hate the fact that I had to make a choice between being loving and protecting the teachings of the church. As I look around Boulder I recognize that there is ample love all around; but there is a scarcity of discipleship.  I chose to be on the side of what was lacking.  I chose to protect the faith over doing what would have looked like the loving thing to do.”

I’m just fascinated that he makes the distinction between the church’s teaching and a loving action. The funny thing is, I don’t think he even realizes the massive irony in what he’s saying. I’m just trying to imagine the train of thought that could leave someone with such a disconnect between their life’s work as a professional Jesus-follower and “being loving”  in any given situation. At least people like Pat Robertson follow a “logical” train of thought, however flawed (in my opinion) – “God does not accept you, therefore I do not accept you.” This priest, however, clearly knew and identified that the loving thing to do in this situation would be to accept this baby girl into his school – he, instead, chose to uphold the teaching of the Catholic church. He goes on and on in two separate posts about why he made the decision and backs it up quite thoroughly. It all shows he knows exactly why he made the decision, and I’m not going to condemn him for making that choice – this is a free country, and he leads a private institution. I just find it interesting that he also knows full well his actions are not loving, and that he’s perfectly fine with that. Thoughts?


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