Janie’s Garden 2010

So, as of about a week ago, I’ve officially been a gardener now for a year! The 2009 community garden experiment went better than I ever could have expected, and I learned so much. This year, I have a house with a back yard, and I built my own raised bed out there. I’m hoping that with it right outside my door, I’ll be able to tend it more consistently than I did last year. I won’t have the help of fellow garden-mates, but I think the proximity trade-off will be a beneficial one. That, and I get to enjoy all of the food myself instead of splitting it into four portions. So here we go!

I measured my space, went to Home Depot and had them cut wood for me, and I nailed them together using the fence as a fourth wall. Never bought nails before. Felt like a grownup! This weekend, I added more existing soil from my driveway, organic garden soil, compost, and Redenta‘s bed starter. Mixing them all together took arm strength, and it reminded me of mixing our own concrete for the foundations when we were building houses through Amor in Juarez.

The planting took no time at all, compared to all the soil business. I planted some leftover red onions from Old Roommate, and I planted broccoli, Italian flat-leaf parsley, English thyme, three rows each of two kinds of radishes (Cherry Belle and French Breakfast), spinach, and carrots. I had an accidental carrot-seed explosion over by the carrot rows, so I just patted them in and will hope for some extra, accidental carrots. I bought asparagus crowns, but digging an asparagus bed is heavy duty work, more than I had time for yesterday, so that will go in some time this week after the rain stops. I’m not digging up that much soil when it’s wet and heavy. I know I most likely will not live in this house in three years, which is how long it takes to get asparagus out of the planted roots, but I’m not getting to enjoy the harvest of the one I dug into the community garden, either, so that’s okay. I think leaving an asparagus legacy in my wake is a good thing, whether or not I get to enjoy the fruits of my labors.

I’ve still got my winter garden over to the right side of this bed, and the red-leaf lettuce has slowed down, but the onions, arugula, cilantro, and especially the 6 Swiss chard plants are still going strong! There’s garlic growing in the pre-existing landscape bed near the driveway fence, and at last count, I’ve got 41 bulbs working. I may actually get to make a garlic braid like you see in stores! I’m so excited to start over this year with my own little garden. Having any clue what I’m doing is a major victory, even if there are some bumps along the way. And so it begins…


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  1. “carrot explosion” made me literally lol. 🙂

    i did a bunch of work in our garden last night and i’m doing more tonight, to finish up what i couldn’t get done before it got too dark. i think you’re going to love having it so close. i’m very jealous that your is actually on your property!

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