Day 1



DFW Airport got 12.5 inches of snow in 24 hours, between 4 a.m. Thursday and 4 .am. Friday! Highly unusual for these parts! The snow was just begging to be played in, so we obliged.

(That’s Corbin silently screaming like the chicken in space from the Denny’s Superbowl commercial.)

Jasper had a lovely time running around in the back yard, munching on snow. My garden got covered almost completely. Here’s my garlic yesterday when there were only a couple of inches.

The neighborhood got a nice dusting. Our power went out last night for a little bit, but not long. Pays to live feet from Highland Park! The power company and fire department were working at my intersection within 20 minutes.

We started with a docile duck feeding and snow angel at the creek at Beth’s apartments.

Things quickly devolved into throwing snow. Because Texans don’t know what else to do with it.

We finally got cold and wet enough that we decided to stop throwing and start building snow people. Ours was tiny…and Barry’s was gigantic!

Barry and I stopped by SMU and took a few pictures of the damage. Bishop Avenue was COVERED in tree limbs. Usually, you can see Dallas Hall from any spot on the median, or even the road, and it wasn’t visible at all. That’s the intersection right across from Meadows.

That should be Dallas Hall over his shoulder. We’re standing on the median.

This giant in front of Cox broke apart in several places. Poor tree!

SMU and Oak Lawn are so pretty in the snow. It was a lovely morning!