My little sister turned 21 this month, and to celebrate, we took a weekend trip to Shreveport. We started at Diamondjack’s, and we had lunch at their buffet. Lindsey, being an amateur at casino buffets, ate everything they had in order to get her money’s worth, and she ended up taking a 3-hour nap in the hotel room (we stayed at the El Dorado) while Mom, Dad and I gambled downstairs.

We went next door to Sam’s Town and won nothing, so we went back to El Dorado for dinner. Everyone else gave up early, but I stayed up for a while and played on the same $11 for almost 2 hours!

The next morning, we woke up and packed to leave our little hotel room on the Red River. Mom wasn’t feeling well, so she slept while Lindsey, Dad and I went to the champagne brunch downstairs. The food wasn’t amazing, but I had a life-changing doughnut (maple, cream-filled, with walnuts on top), and there was a champagne fountain for you to make your own mimosas! (For the record, Lindsey didn’t actually drink all those mimosas in the picture – but it’s still hilarious-looking!) Right before we left, I won most of my money back (the slots are so much looser on Sunday morning than Saturday night!) on a Dean Martin machine. Mom had a fever and was feeling awful, so we had to leave to drive her back. I think she picked up some stomach bug on a machine somewhere the night before, because no one else was sick. The day was beautiful, and the drive was pretty. No one won big, but we had a great time. Happy birthday, Lindsey!


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