A Room With a View

I’ve started a garden in my own back yard! It’s very exciting! There’s not much here since life got in the way of planting season, but I got some things in the ground late, and I’m hoping for the best while planning for Spring. From left to right, this is arugula, basil, cilantro, red onions, mesclun mix, red leaf lettuce, rainbow Swiss chard, and red Swiss chard. I planted some carrot seeds on the top left corner there, but I’m not sure if they’re going to sprout or not. I’ve got some radish sprouts I’m going to start in a windowsill, and I’ve got some flower seeds, too, but they’ll have to wait until after Thanksgiving. I also was given a bag of canna bulbs at Cliff Fest last weekend, and I need to decide where those will live – apparently they’re going to be quite tall. The community garden experiment is over, and I miss it, but I’ll be starting a new chapter here on this land. It’s kind of neat to be so close to downtown yet have so much space. I’ve never had this much space of my own, aside from growing up in my parents’ house, and it’s really lovely.


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