Top Five Fabulous Things of the Month

I’m in dire need of some happiness right now, as October just crapped all over me,  so let’s have a rundown of the good parts of the last few weeks.

1. I threw myself a birthday-slash-student-loan-payoff-slash-moving-out party, and so many people came to celebrate with me. It was so wonderful to have so many of my favorite people around me during a very difficult time of change. It reminded me how much love I have around me at just an arms-length, and that, I am grateful for.


Party 2








2. Beth and I harvested sweet potatoes in her community garden two weekends ago, and the bounty was donated to local food banks. We had a great time, although we were both sore for days! We had to remove the cover part before we could dig for the potatoes. Those sweet potatoes were STUBBORN.




3. It’s been a whirlwind month of concerts. Jamie, Sarah, and I went to U2 at Cowboys Stadium, and it was really, really awesome. We were on the second level, and everyone above us got sucky sound, but it was fine where we were. They were very inspiring, and Bono is such a rock star. Oh, and the Cowboys new stadium was WOW huge.




Jamie and I also saw Third Day on my birthday at Nokia with some other girls with free VIP tickets from her friend Lauren. It was a total blast from the past, but I remembered how much I loved them back in the day. They were actually one of my first concerts, back when they were performing for crowds of like, 50, in back church rooms 15 years ago. It was fun to see them again all these years later.


Jamie and I also went to see Derek Webb at a new venue in Deep Ellum, Mokah. He’s gone electronic since leaving Caedmon’s Call, and I like the new sound. I just didn’t like him solo until this new sound came along.


Last but not least was El Gato, my old roommate Rebecca’s brother’s band (he’s the one facing the screen on the left). They played downtown at City Tavern on Halloween, and aside from the disturbing lead singer of the band who went on before them (Jamie and I couldn’t look at him – he gave us the shivers!), it was a fun night.


4. More on the new house in a forthcoming post, but it and my new roommates have been a total blessing. The change of scenery has been restorative, and although things are still in boxes and I can’t find anything, I’m really enjoying it. And as a bonus, it comes with a French-speaking child and possibly the cutest puppy EVER.


5. Last night was the friends-and-family soft opening of Aimee and Jonathan’s new restaurant, Panzzini’s. I met my family there, and we ate good food, talked about my brother and sister-in-law’s new HOUSE (!), and enjoyed the new place. It’s going to be great – I just wish it was closer to me!



I’m a firm believer that there is always something redeemable that can come from hard times, and that theory has definitely been put to the test in my life as of late. October was a relentless slope of drama, and it came at me from every possible direction. There was the break-up, my grandmother falling and bashing her face in on concrete and spending the weekend in the hospital, a horrible rumor being spread about me in a professional circle, and another rather large home disturbance that I won’t write about here. Luckily, during all the madness, I found I have a wonderful, supportive community surrounding me, and I’m so thankful for them and their many kindnesses. So here’s to recognizing fabulosity when it seems hard to find.



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