Legacy Books


Over lunch yesterday, I stopped by the new independent bookstore in town (well, Plano, but it still counts), Legacy Books. I was expecting something small and funky, but this indie shop is HUGE, clean, and they’ve got an amazing selection of books. The children’s area is amazing. It’s 3 floors, and it feels more like a Barnes & Noble than a Shakespeare & Co. It had specialized sections, though, which was what I thought was really neat. There’s a Texas section (Texas weddings, religion in Texas, etc.), a cute little room – with seating – devoted to art and architecture, and an upstairs seating section with local artists featured on the walls. There’s plenty of comfortable seating throughout the store (big leather armchairs!), including tables for working and laptops. Oh, and for you Twilight lovers, there’s an entire bookshelf devoted to it. OH – and foodies, there’s an entire wall! Go check it out and support your local economy.


2 Responses

  1. how are the prices? do they do used books, too, or just new?

    • I was really just passing through and didn’t notice either of those things. Nothing really looked used – it was all very nice, shiny and bright.

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