Top Five Fabulous Things of the Week 6.13.09

1. I went out of town last week for a shoot, and I got to explore Kansas City for the first time. I found a great organic restaurant, had BBQ at Arthur Bryant’s, and checked out their tiny riverboat casinos. It was a really fun trip, and it was nice to be on the road again. It’s a new industry I’m dealing with, and despite the learning curve associated with that, it felt just like it used to. Fun adventure, great work, good food, and good people.

2. On said shoot, I accidentally set my alarm for 5:20 PM instead of AM on my first day of shooting, but I got up at exactly 5:21 anyway. I was pretty impressed with my ridiculous conscience for waking me up at the right time!

3. I walked by Pauly Shore in the KC airport. He was all covered up with a do-rag and sunglasses to keep people from mobbing him, but I could tell it was him. He kind of had that frat-boy saunter, as did the really big dude walking next to him. Kind of fun.

4. I bought Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food while I was there, and it’s really good. I’m also in the middle of his The Omnivore’s Dilemma, which is also a really interesting read, but it’s definitely very technical and a lot of information. In Defense is much more of what I had hoped for with Dilemma – it’s the theory and common sense and every day how-to behind the technical issues, if that makes any sense. Check it out!

5. I recently discovered, a gardening blog from a girl in Canada who grows all her on food. She’s got a lot of helpful information and pretty garden photos.


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