For the Bible Tells Me So


I just finished watching a documentary I wanted to share with you! I’ve heard about it for a while, I but I finally got around to watching it. It’s called For the Bible Tells Me So, and it’s about the experiences of American Christian families with gay children. It’s told from the perspectives of the children and the parents. One of the families is that of Gene Robinson, the first openly-gay, Episcopal bishop. Another is the family of former House Majority Leader Richard Gephart, whose gay daughter accompanied him on the campaign trail. There are some powerful images and stories, and it’s both saddening and uplifting.

There are lots of places to go to hear what you want to hear on whichever side of this issue you fall on. And the documentarian in this case clearly believes that homosexuality is no more a sin than being blonde, and that is made clear. But that said, what makes it special, in my opinion, is that it’s not a ranty movie. What I love about it is that it tells some important stories from the inside of the Christian church in a very moving, intelligent and honest way. I grew up in the church, I remain in the church, and I love the church.  I’m also really tired of some Christians using the Bible as an excuse to exercise their prejudice and discomfort. The movie takes the Biblical references, Old and New Testament, to the “abomination” of homosexuality and explains their context, the historical details surrounding the culture and time frame, and debunks every last one of them as an excuse to treat people badly. The interviews are with normal families, as well as very educated people, including Biblical scholars, doctors, pastors, priests, psychologists, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Please put it on your Netflix or Blockbuster queue, watch it, and share it with someone who needs to see it.


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