Tour Dallas 2009

Last weekend was the Tour Dallas, a bike tour of the city that takes you through downtown, residential areas, by White Rock Lake, and back to downtown where you started. In past years, it started at the American Airlines center, but this year, the starting point was Dallas City Hall. Here we are at the starting line. My friend Julie (who took this picture) and her dad did the 30-mile, but we went with the 20.



I rode with Dad and Jon. I started doing the Tour in 2005, so this was my 5th ride. Dad has come with me for three or four of those years. That’s him there in the black jacket with the blue strip of shirt hanging out. This is on the Commerce Street bridge (I think), which was entirely blocked off for us. I took most of these action shots while riding, so they’re not perfect, but they were the best I could get. Here’s one of downtown in the early-morning fog.



One of the things I like about this ride is that there’s a wide range of folks out there, both in age and degrees of physical fitness. There were kids (and babies being towed!), older people, athletic folks and people who probably don’t ride a bike very often. They stress that it’s not a race but a tour, and the proceeds go to pay for the police protection and children’s diabetes groups. It’s a nice chance to ride through some areas of town you’ve never seen and to experience areas you are familiar with in a new way. The streets, houses and buildings really do look way different from a bike than from the rolled-up window of your car.


My friend Stephen from TWL rode with us (he’s in better shape than any of us!). Here we are at the break point. It’s usually about half way through, but it was at about 15 miles in this time, which in my opinion, was a bit far for amatuers like me who were tired!



Jon has been pretty sniffly and tired the last couple of weeks, fighting off something, but he was a trooper and did the full 20 miles. He got a used-new bike recently and got to try it out. I borrowed the bike but this is my fancy new helmet from REI. I will eventually be fully outfitted for biking and not have to borrow anything. Here’s Jon on Swiss Avenue, which was pretty easy this year. Usually, Swiss is the hardest part for me, because it’s a really long, slightly-uphill street, and by the end of it, I’m beat. I always have to stop multiple times during the ride, but this time, I didn’t stop at all! I guess going to the gym this year really paid off!



Here are Dad and Jon crossing the finish line. We rode together for some parts, separately for others, but we all finished within a couple of minutes of each other.  The weather was perfect – cool and overcast – and we had a great time! Come out and join us next year!




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