Community Garden: First Harvest

It was a good week in the garden! This week marked our first harvest. It’s not much, but it’s certainly more than I’ve ever grown with my own hands, so it’s an exciting thing!



Our broccoli has flowered (oops), and it’s past its prime, so we took three of the four heads (the last one isn’t ready quite yet, or it’s just really small). I read that you can leave the plant in, and it will continue to give you some more side shoots from the stalk, about as much as the original head altogether. We had a flower tasting, and apparently they taste like broccoli. Weird.


Jen pulled up an onion to see how it was doing, but they’re still like the small green onions you buy – about as thick as a small magic marker. She put it back.


The first round of radishes are almost all ready, though! We all took a few for some salads this week.






The biggest surprise and victory of the week, however, was my first asparagus spear poking out from the mulch!


I couldn’t believe it! It was so much work to put in, and I know it won’t give us any asparagus for at least a year, so I was shocked to see a little spear pushing up. I did some research, and it turns out they push up after a few weeks the first year, and you just let them go. The second year, you can eat a few, but you’re still supposed to wait to harvest fully until the third year. At least, that’s what I’ve read so far on other people’s sites. I was just so excited to see that at least one of the three crowns I planted has been thriving down there.

It was a fun thing, to be able to pluck things from the ground that weren’t there when you started. I can’t wait to eat some of it. Happy Easter to you all!


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