Community Garden: Week 4

We’re making progress in the garden! Here’s a photo of Week 4.


We’ve got the bulk of the February/March stuff in the ground, so the last couple of weeks has been mostly about successive plantings of a few things, weeding, and taking in the 4 days of rain Mother Nature sent us last week! The free water was awesome, and our seedlings are looking very sturdy (aside from the two white cabbages that failed). Weeding in the mud showed me that I am going to need separate garden shoes and gym shoes, for sure. This is bottom of Jon’s shoe.


Jon shored up the back wall, as it was looking a little ragged. Rob took out the cilantro and parsley in the back and made us some nice, civilized rows. Jen took the last lettuce and made an awesome-looking salad, and she made some hills and planted a yellow squash after these photos were taken, but I’m not sure what kind. So we have some more room down at the end. Not sure what will go there yet.



We have garlic sprouts peeking out. They’re not uniform, but there are 5 or 6 of them, out of the 20 I planted. I don’t know if that means we’re seeing the early growers or if the rest failed. Anyone know? Below that, the unidentified plant/vine growing next to the garlic began to bloom. Still don’t know what it is, but it’s prettier now that it’s green.



My favorite part of this week was our broccoli crowns! Look! We’ve seen a lot of growth just in this month, but the broccoli budding up from the center of this plant has been the highlight of it all for me. To have started this from a seedling, taken care of it, watered it, weeded around it, and then to see it turn into something identifiable as real, live food – that’s just darn cool.


During Week 3, we planted potatoes in this chicken-wire cage. As the plant grows, we’ll add more and more soil in the barrel. A plant will grow out of the top, flower, and then supposedly when the flower withers, the potatoes will be ready. Or something like that, so sayeth Redenta’s staff. No sprouts yet.


We finished work on our plot Sunday afternoon and stayed to help out with the herb garden area. There are going to be several pots of various herbs around this tree, and then there’s going to be an entire bed just of basil, which I’m very excited about. The first photo is Jon and Richie working on the flower bed, then Jon and Courtney wrestling an overgrown vine in the herb garden bed, and then the whole herb garden area. The basil bed is on the left side there.




While Jon dug and hacked, I played with some of the Cabbage Patch Kids – Perl, Coleman, Henry and Genevieve.



The one in pink is Perl. She’s my favorite (shhh). I changed her diaper, and we bonded:)

The last couple weeks have underscored for me why we’re doing this as part of a group, and why my individual attempts at growing things at home have mostly failed. For one, Jon has been working a lot, and his schedule has been tight. Then we went out of town together a couple weekends ago, and we had to shift schedules with Jen and Rob. Jen had a business trip in the middle of Week 3. Plus, it rained for 4 days, which is fairly unusual. The schedule we had begun with had to be modified to fit our individual weekly schedules and the weather. With four of us, this has been totally manageable, even with two of us living 20 minutes from the site. I also really enjoyed hanging out with the other garden folks who have been around while we were. The community aspect has been really awesome during this stage – helping and being helped to create something communal yet personal. On to Week 5!


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  1. I have just begun two ‘community’ projects; one involves helping a local church with their gardens which had been quite forgotten, and the second would be starting a community garden from scratch. I happen to catch your post, while researching my own visited links – and found your blog. Your photos are inspiring and your efforts will surely come to fruition. Looking forward to seeing how it all progresses in the future….

    Leah ~ Chef Maven

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