Top 5 Fabulous Things of the Week 3.15.09

1. There’s a little shop called Shambhala in Dallas’ Bishop Arts District, and I bought some lotion there for Jon’s mother’s birthday last weekend. I tried it when she opened it, and it was so wonderful that I went back there today and bought some for myself (after rifling through her closet when she was in the bathroom to get another dallop!). I have been on a life-long search for the Perfect Lotion because I have Freakishly Dry Hands, and the current title winner is unscented Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E, which you can get at Wal-mart or dollar stores, surprisingly. This locally-made, natural Shambhala lotion gives it a run for its money, and it’s got way fewer scary chemicals in it. If you’re over there, check it out. Or just go check out Bishop Arts – they’ve got all kinds of restaurants, shops, galleries, etc.

2. Last weekend was Jon’s mom’s birthday party. We drove to Austin, and everyone stayed with Jon’s sister, Jenny, and her husband, Matt. They just had a baby, Steven, and this was my first chance to meet him. We bonded. It was awesome! Oh, and I got Jon to change a diaper. That was even more awesome. And yes, there are pictures.

3. Sore arms from gardening is so much more of a fulfilling feeling than sore muscles from watching action movies at a gym.

4. Jon and I have been going to a new church for about a month, Church in the Cliff, and it’s really wonderful. It’s this really wonderful little community of people who meet in a community center in Oak Cliff. They’re, across the board, very welcoming, very intelligent, and very inclusive of a wide range of spiritual backgrounds. We’ve been to many churches over the last 6 months trying to find something that resonates for both of us, but this one is by far the best match. Have you ever met someone out in the world and knew immediately and clearly that you were meant to be friends, and it actually seemed as if you’d always known them? That’s how this community feels to me, and has from the first day. As cheesy at it sounds, I feel more like myself than I have in years, I’m really enjoying getting to know them.

5. I have found exactly one pair of khaki pants in my entire life that I have loved. I wore a hole in them years ago, long after the zipper quit working and the ends frayed, and I eventually had to give them up. I recently found a new pair at the same store, American Eagle, and I LOVE them. I don’t normally shop there, but apparently, even years later, their khakis are made for me! Yay!

Bonus #6: A quote from Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, which I’m re-reading as we go through the gardening seasons. “Farmers aren’t just picturesque technicians. They are memory banks, human symbionts with their ground.” As I’ve been out there, working the ground, I’ve found the strangest items in the soil: a string of chain link, a shoe sole, an animal bone, a steel wool scrubber pad, pieces of broken glass. It’s like an archaeological dig! It helps me remember that land is not something to be owned, only to be cared for and tended to for a while and then passed on to the next generation. Makes me want to make sure I’m doing as little environmental harm as possible during my little life blip, to make sure that generations from now, someone will still be able to harvest food from the ground, dig up the lip balm container that fell out of my pocket and wonder who it belonged to.


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