Quotes of the Week

In the spirit of TIME Magazine’s Quotes of the Day, here are some quotes I came across this week I thought I’d share. Happy Friday!

1. “We live off of what comes out of the soil, not what’s in the bank. If we squander the ecological capital of the soil, the capital on paper won’t much matter… For the past 50 or 60 years, we have followed industrialized agricultural policies that have increased the rate of destruction of productive farmland. For those 50 or 60 years, we have let ourselves believe the absurd notion that as long as we have money we will have food. If we continue our offenses against the land and the labor by which we are fed, the food supply will decline, and we will have a problem far more complex than the failure of our paper economy. Remember, if our agriculture is not sustainable then our food supply is not sustainable… Either we pay attention or we pay a huge price, not so far down the road. When we face the fact that civilizations have destroyed themselves by destroying their farmland, it’s clear that we don’t really have a choice.” – Wes Jackson, co-founder of The Land Institute, in an interview with Alternet

2. “My childhood really was as good as it sounds. I am tragically normal and completely obsessed with my family.” – Kim Watts Rutligiano (I love this because it resembles my own experience!)

3. “…(I call it) Placenta Brain, the situation that occurs when a pregnant woman’s blood supply is so concentrated on growing someone else’s fingers and toes that her brain doesn’t have enough juice to complete simple tasks. Like remembering her husband’s name. Or turning off the car before going into the grocery store.” – Heather Armstrong, dooce.com

4. “As a U.S. citizen, you have more political power that most humans who have ever lived on this earth” – Molly Ivins (she didn’t say that this week – she is dead – but I read it this week!)

5. “We’re supposed to love like Jesus. I pray and I have hope that everyone will realize that this world is ours. We’ve been given this incredible gift, and we have to take care of it and each other to the best of our abilities.” – Lindsey White


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