Top Five Fabulous Things of the Week 1.30.09

1. Our bathrooms and living room are being renovated, and there are a lot of materials lying around the house. This includes a long sheet of bubble wrap on the floor downstairs to keep paint from getting on the floor. I walked in the other day and popped my way across it to put my things down. The dog followed me, and as she walked, I heard these tiny little pops as each paw hit the bubble wrap. It made me giggle.

2. I spent the day outside working on a shoot on the railroad out in the Denton/Fort Worth boonies. It was really cold (especially before the sun came up), but it was nice to be outside, and I got to take pictures with a beautiful still Canon camera.

3. I went to Shanna’s birthday party last weekend (we are all turning 30 this year!), and it was great to see everyone. Beth and Deanna joined a garden co-op at a local church, and it was neat to hear about their first work day. They pay a certain amount per growing season, and they work something like 4 hours a month on the community/shared plot and however much they want on theirs. In return, they get a percentage of what the community grows and whatever they choose to plant on their own space. I think that’s just great, and something I’d like to do at some point.

4. It wasn’t this week, but two weekends ago, we went to WinStar casino for Lindsey’s birthday, and it was so much fun! When she turns 21 next year, we’re going to Vegas, baby! Mom won $51 on a penny machine, and she was SO EXCITED. She was definitely the winner of the weekend! She never wins anything, but she won all over the place this time. This is the shuttle that took us from the hotel to the casino! Fun!





5. This was also two weekends ago, but I bought cool sunglasses that cost more than my weekly groceries. This is notable, because for as long as I’ve worn sunglasses, I’ve bought them from the drug store, and not only do they never fit right, but they break easily, and I lose them constantly. I want to be a better consumer – to save resources by buying one well-made item that will last, rather than several cheaply-and-irresponsibly-made replacements for a crappy initial purchase. I finally marched into a Sunglass Hut and asked the girl to help me find something that wasn’t too overly-large or overly-expensive. I own Ralph Lauren, can you believe it? Lindsey (a fashion merchandising major) was so proud. Here’s my best movie star look. Mwah.



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