Big Day

Am I the only one that has had continual goosebumps watching the pre-inauguration coverage? I’ve never been into politics – I just started paying attention a few months before Bush was re-elected so that I could make an informed voting decision. Since then, I’ve come a long way toward trying to understand what’s going on out there in the political world and how it is connected to every-day life.

I voted for Barack Obama, and I am fairly overwhelmed watching today’s events unfold. I didn’t vote for him because I am a Democrat, because I am not. I just believe that he was the right choice at this point in time. Luckily, my office has a TV, so I can watch the inaugural events as I work. I had it on as I was getting ready this morning, too, and on NPR in the car on the way here. It’s hard to believe it’s finally happening! I’ve never watched an inauguration before (I’ve never cared to), so this is fun! Specifics aside, it’s nice to see such a peaceful, dignified transition of power, unlike so many unfortunate countries across the world where forceful, bloody coups are the norm. This system is far from perfect and leaves much room for corruption, but on the whole, we are lucky to live here and witness events such as these.

On another note, any guesses on what was in Michelle’s gift box to Mrs. Bush?


2 Responses

  1. hmmmm not sure what was in that box. what do you think it was?

  2. I heard later that day that it was an inscribed notebook in which to begin writing her memoirs.

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