I’m feeling quite powerless at the moment! I have no car, and no power at home. BUT I have learned a few things I don’t normally notice with a steady supply of dinosaur wine. And hey, I never really got to be a Girl Scout, so I’m treating this as an urban adventure.

My car is in the shop, so after the mechanic dropped me off at work this morning, I had no transportation. I walked across the street to a restaurant to get some lunch and brought it back. Lesson #1: Ozona has really good chicken strips, and fries should ALWAYS be dipped in white gravy. When it was time to go home, my boss offered to let me take the company vehicle home so I could get home and back to work in the morning. Lesson #2: People can be very helpful when you are in need!

Roommate called to let me know the power was out at home, and she came out and held the garage door open for me to drive in (again, Lesson #2!). Since my shower is being worked on and the bathtub is sitting in the back yard, I’ve been taking my showers in Roommate’s room at night and washing my hair in the sink in the morning. I took a shower by hand-crank flashlight (Christmas present from Jon) and then ate dinner with Roommate by candlelight, while we watched the dog jump around to try to catch the dancing light beams. Lesson #3: Dogs are just as entertaining as TV in a pinch.

I decided to trek to the Borders bookstore near my house to hang out in the warmth and light (and the books!) after Roommate left to go to a funeral. We played the hold-the-garage-open-for-each-other-while-you-back-the-cars-out game (Lesson #4: wear gloves when attempting this in the rainy darkness). It was only after I ordered hot tea and turned my computer on at Borders that I realized they only have T-Mobile wifi there, and you have to pay for it. I left and met Jon at White Rock Coffee, where they have free wifi for anyone. Here I have been reminded of Lesson #5: the independent coffee shop can still trump the chain store.

So here I am. There’s an awesome singer behind me playing a beautiful song about January and what we can lose when rains wash it away. I think that’s probably Lesson #6: all we have can be turned off, taken or washed away at any moment, so make sure to continually cultivate what really powers your Self. Hope wherever you are, you have enough of whatever kind of power keeps you going.


4 Responses

  1. Great post! Why don’t you have power? I think I missed that part? Something to do with the renovations?

    • Our power went out one day it got really cold. Not sure why, but it was out for over 8 hours. It was on when I woke up the next morning.

  2. what is dinosaur wine?

    • Oil/gas~”fermented” dinosaur remains. Kinky Friedman used that term a lot during his campaign.

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