Jesus Would Recycle

I was planning on waiting until I’m finished to post quotes from my current read, Jesus Would Recycle, and I will. But I’m just so excited about it that I just had to tell you all about it now!

It’s written by Joe Johnston, a man who was on the team that created the Happy Meal for McDonald’s. He has since has a complete turnaround and realized how wasteful the fast food industry is, and how it has cheapened and deteriorated our culture in many, many ways. I’m only 1/3 of the way through it, so I can’t speak to the whole book yet, but it’s mainly about the environmental crisis we are in – he presents information on the main contributing problems in a very understandable way (big business, big oil, our economy unreasonably built on eternal growth of the GDP, depletion and misallocation of natural resources, etc.).

But even more interesting than that (to me) is that the whole book is based on the moral and spiritual imperative we have been given by Jesus – and the whole of the Bible – to care for the earth and each other. He talks about the ways Christianity has historically misinterpreted what Jesus taught about love, about salvation, about rebirth, about humility, and exactly why that misunderstanding has helped bring us to this time of environmental crisis.

It’s quite an amazing book, and I plan on sharing many quotes from it soon. But I wanted you to be able to go find it and read it for yourself, if you’re interested. And for those of you who aren’t at all interested in the Jesus part, this book is still incredible. If you have any suspicion or inkling at all that the world – the entire universe and all its vastness – might have been created by a force both higher than ourselves and that we are all a part of, you will love this book.

I’ll leave you with just a little bit here as a teaser. GO BUY THIS BOOK.

“Although Jesus said nothing specifically about salvation, he did talk about judgment, and his judgment is love. So think about that the next time you’re zipping down the interstate, late for your next appointment. It’s for now, not later. He taught that we’re not locked in mortal combat with the interstate, our appointments, other drivers, other animals, or our retirement accounts, or our indigestion, or anything else. We can have love right now.

“We’re supposed to be with the animals, bugs, fish, rocks, trees, flowers, rivers, oceans, mountains, and prairies. We’re supposed to learn from them. As the only part of creation capable of straying from our nature, of sinning and separating from our Creator, we have a lot to learn from the natural world.

“We’re supposed to see the world the way God sees it. With love. We’re supposed to claim the joy and freedom of salvation now. Our eternal life begins now. Once we understand that, everything else becomes so much easier and more joyful. The rough path becomes smooth. The flesh is made to love.”


4 Responses

  1. can i borrow it when you’re done?

  2. ha! i didn’t remember asking this already. i just asked again on your other post. đŸ™‚

    i am incapable of writing in books that aren’t text-books. i’m afraid my mother would rise from her grave to come slap me.

  3. I think I’m incapable of NOT writing in a book.

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