Last weekend, I participated in the 25th Annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Dallas. This was my fifth year on Beth’s team, but my third year as a Breast Cancer Pirate! Beth makes us team shirts – she designed the logo, and this year, she decided to make year-less shirts so we could just re-use them. Each person will now get a new star sewn on for each year on the team. Here are the new patches (because what self-respecting Pirate doesn’t have patches??)  and our pirate names!

That last one is Leah. We asked her why her pirate name was “Esss,” and she said, quite reasonably, because it comes after “Arrrrr.” She’s a writer:)

We swashbuckled our way to the finish line 15 minutes faster this year, partly due to our new goal – don’t be last. It was really crowded this year, I think because we got to the starting line earlier. It only took us about 10 minutes to get there this year instead of the half hour it took last time. LOTS of pink. We found our favorite team, Team Taiwan – they sing Taiwanese songs and have a big flag like we do.

Lindsey and I were early this year, due to the parking pass my mom got us! It was awesome – we just drove right up to Northpark and left the car in a garage, and we beat EVERYONE, even Cap’n Bethy. Score one for Black Heart Jane and LindsBeard.

Jamie happened to be in town, so she marauded with us.

Awww…Pirate love.

Go Pirates! See you next year!


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