This post is mostly about procrastinating, but I just had to write this down. I’ve had a bit of a hard time lately with losing my job, and there was a bit of fear going on in me over not having an income. How would I pay my rent if I didn’t find something fast enough? How do I pay my credit card minimums without anything in my bank account? I have found work, at least temporarily, and it’s going very well. I still haven’t seen any money from it, but it will come in eventually. And I’ve been transcribing for a transcription service every weekend and some week nights, and although it’s ridiculously frustrating and tedious, it’s something I can do as much of as I have time, and that’s great to know.

But better than those financial comforts have been my parents. A few days ago, I got a giant cooler in the mail from Omaha Steaks. My parents ordered me enough steaks, burgers and chicken to last me months. It had a printed card with it that said how proud they were of me in my reaction to the job trauma, signed Mom and Dad. I’m not a huge meat eater, but that’s so not the point! Just knowing someone in the world cares enough about me to stock my freezer during a scary time was so strengthening.

I went to the State Fair with my family yesterday, something we have done every October of my life, and one of my friends came with us. We were sitting down in the food building, eating fried things, and we were talking to my father about my job issues. He has a great business mind, and he has owned his own business before, and was suggesting some entrepreneurial ideas for me to check out. My friend told him how smart she thought he was, and that I had bragged on him to her a little about some of the great things he had done in the past, and that she was impressed. And he simply looked over at me and said, “Well, the best thing I ever did was have her.” I can’t explain, in this age of divorce, distance, disease, death and dead-beat dads, how much that comment meant to me. To know that I can lean on such stable people in very unstable times – how many people can say that? I am not perfect, my father is not perfect, and we are probably not the closest daddy-daughter set in the world, but hearing that made me feel special. And what else can a child ask from her parents?


4 Responses

  1. That is awesome. I find that it is rare these days to have that strong of a family support system…so yay!

  2. (Rare for a lot of people, that is….I count myself blessed to have a wonderfully supportive family, too)

  3. Janie, this is the sweetest post!!!

    And I remembered yesterday that we are missing the State Fair and all of the fried food. Eat an extra corn dog for me and a funnel cake for Paul!

    Hey, if you get a chance you should post a few things from your most current or quote book or dig an old one out.

    love ya, Becca

  4. i love your dad! i miss him, too. (and your mom, but this was more about him, you know?)

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