Good Times with FirstCom

I spent a couple of hours yesterday looking through the FirstCom music library for a video project I’m working on. I never really did find what I’m looking for, but I did come across some truly brilliant song descriptions. I’ve listed them for your enjoyment here. Wouldn’t it be a fun job to write these all day?

“Antonio Banderas has his recording contract revoked. He’d like his demo back. Melancholy and oh, so moody.”

“A cantankerous little SOB with a gleeful snarl.”

“New Wave is back, and it’s upset you haven’t called.”

“This just in! Pizzicato strings now hip!”

And my personal favorite:

“A human interest piece will always trump a think piece. Especially if it has puppies.”


One Response

  1. that’s like the musical equivalent of coming up with nail polish names!! (A job I always wanted!! hahah)

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