Marauding for the Cure ’08 – Join us!

Each October, we join thousands of others in the Dallas Race for the Cure. Many years ago, Beth started participating in memory of her mother, Sharon Keeler, and over the next few years, her friends and co-workers joined her, one by one. The team slowly formed an identity, and now we are, most definitively, the Breast Cancer Pirates. We don’t run – we walk, as we often have kids and dogs with us. We dress in black and pink, carry a giant pirate flag with our emblem, wear eye patches, brandish swords and hand out pirate booty plastic necklaces to children.

We Maraud for the Cure.

Register for $30 until Oct. 12 at or $40 on race day. I highly recommend registering online, as there are a LOT of people at the race and it’ll just be easier – and cheaper – online. Join our team at If you’re agoraphobic or just lazy, feel free to Sleep In for the Cure – donate at the link above.

Come be a part of this with us! We walk in honor and memory of our mothers, our grandmothers, our sisters, our aunts and our friends. Help us raise money for the largest source of non-profit funds dedicated to the fight against breast cancer in the world. Or, as Cap’n Beth would say, It’s time to get yer lily-livered arses up off the poop deck o’life and do somethin’ fer yer fellow bilge-rats!


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