Weird Wide Web

Since I’ve been more active with online networking and industry-related sites since looking for a job over the last few weeks, I decided to google myself to see what came up, just to see what a potential employer would come up with were they to do the same. Here’s what I found.

1. My favorite:

2.  —  I don’t understand this one at all. It’s a New York Times movie listing for Janie White’s filmography. I’ve worked on a couple of small independents, so it’s not totally surprising. What is weird, though, is that when you click on the movie link, “The Prodigy,” and go to the complete cast and crew credits, I’m not listed! I figured I must be there somewhere or it wouldn’t have cross-referenced me with it, but I searched the list, and although an SMU classmate of mine is there, I am not. Hee, hee. I have a New York Times film person listing without knowing it! Forget the two Telly Awards – that PA work on the low-budget film shot in a crap-hole hotel in Denison, TX was clearly my finest hour.

3.  —  All the Janie Whites on LinkedIn. I am either a Video Producer or a Senior Special Investigator.

4.  —  My potential employers can apparently check out my musical tastes before hiring me at my public Pandora profile page. I didn’t know Pandora published things online! I don’t know how I feel about that. Hope they’re Jeff Buckley fans.

5. — I think this one takes the cake. Please note ordering information on their website.


2 Responses

  1. i don’t think i understand the ordering thing you mention on #5, but i love the shirt!

  2. Hi, miss Janie!!
    I’m so loving that you have a blog! hooray! I especially like the title. And you are correct…there is just really nothing at all like standing ‘inside the sparkling’ …*le sigh*.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week, friend!

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