Top Five Fabulous Things of the Week 9.26.08

1. I now have an excuse to watch silly movies, because they show them at the gym in the Cardio Cinema room. Lately, I’ve seen Hitch and Mission to Mars. I’m trying to decide if my expectations have really decreased THAT much since film school, or if I’m just thankful to have a distraction while exercising.

2. I drove to Austin last weekend to hang out with Jessica, and she sold her pottery at the Pecan Street Festival. I helped her and her sister-in-law run the booth, making change and arranging soaps. Elly, her sister-in-law, makes natural soaps, sugar scrubs, lip balms and other assorted body care products. Jess makes soap dishes, two-piece ones with decorative holes in the top layer where water can drain into the bottom, keeping the soap drier and making it last longer. She also makes oil burners, colanders (I bought one and I already love it!), cups, bowls, and neti pots. It was fun watching her sell things she made herself.

3. There’s a new iPhone application called iSlots! I can now never be without a slot machine, wherever I am. Especially helpful now that I have no money with which to gamble.

4. Jessica’s daughter Ava has just started talking in sentences, and I hadn’t seen her since that started. She’s always been good at getting her point across, even without words, but now she’s really speaking and making sense. She’s so much like Jessica, in looks and demeanor, and it’s so neat to watch her and her brother Jack have conversations. I’ve been waiting to talk to Jessica’s children since we were 15, so it’s really neat. 🙂

5. I listened to the newest Jason Mraz CD over and over on the way to Austin to prepare for the concert with Lindsey in a few weeks, and I think I like it the best of his albums since the early live CD. It’s going to be fun now that I know the songs!


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  1. i didn’t know jess was so creative! that’s really cool.

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