Top Five Pluses to Unemployment

1. Not having to set the alarm…the overwhelming sense of worry wakes you right up as soon as you’re half-way cognizant.

2. I get to watch Rachael Ray’s daytime show and not feel bad about it.

3. I used to think people who were let go from my company who said they felt better when they no longer had to go there every day were just kidding themselves, trying to make it seem not as bad as it was. But I’ve discovered they were right! I want the steady paycheck back, and the opportunity to hone my skills, but honestly, not having to deal with all that crap that goes along with a job you no longer love is so liberating.

4. I get to talk to my ex-co-workers as people, not co-workers, with that ever-present propriety wall between us. We had a big dinner last night, and there was a marked difference in the way these relationships felt to me. It was mostly those of us who rode it out to the end, some who were let go earlier this year in the previous three lay-off waves, and some who pre-dated me. I know I worked with some fun, creative people, but I was reminded of who they are as people – not my manager or a fellow producer, but the person behind the job. I’ve always tried to keep a distance from most people at work, to keep those two parts of my life separate to a point. But this was nice – we wished each other well, gave tips on job searching and contacts, and chatted about life. It was nice to be able to really engage people I saw every day for a very long time, instead of being restricted to the topics of the election, the last episode of LOST, and the intricacies of Avid Media Composer.

5. Nope, just four.


6 Responses

  1. Way to be positive!

  2. It’s also a great chance to hang out with friends that you don’t see nearly enough. When you’re COMPLETELY flexible for lunch, friends who used to be too far away for such a trivial meal are suddenly available!

    No matter how you try to explain No 3 to somebody, they can never understand until it happens.

  3. Aww . . . you know, as someone who has spent an embarrassingly large percent of her working life unemployed, let me just encourage you during this time. Take heart! As my dad used to like to say, “no one stays unemployed forever,” and that’s true. So remember, while you’re in the process of finding a new job, there are still many unexpected blessings that can come from not having a job, like friends who will provide you with meals, and how God will come through in ways you can’t imagine. Still, I can totally relate to the “overwhelming sense of worry” from number one though. 😦 :-/ 🙂

  4. Janie,
    This post is so fabulous! Your so witty and you are a GREAT WRITER!
    oh, and thank you so much for adding me to your bloglist…I feel special and loved inside…;)
    (Check out my recent post. It’s a bit generic, but you will appreciate it, even if my 7 other readers don’t…teehee)

  5. i get #3. i wasn’t let go, but i quit without knowing what i was doing after having a nervous breakdown at work. when it gets that stressful, being able to dump that stress is just amazing. you feel so light, even while knowing that you’ve taken on a whole new kind of stress.

  6. i had no idea. let’s have dinner this weekend? laughter and such? we could brunch with keeler and de. shan’s treat.

    and yeah, i know. no meridian.

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