I just wanted to publicly thank Jon Noel for helping me this week in the wake of losing my job. He not only brought me food for dinner Wednesday, but he cooked it himself while I worked furiously at my computer, and he left me an entire chicken pot pie to eat so I didn’t have to spend time cooking the last few days. He’s researched everything I’ve asked myself about out loud – companies, technologies, anything. He brought me pretty orange flowers to cheer me up. I’ve been doing some freelance transcriptions, which he hates doing more than anything else he’s ever done for money, and when I found myself under a tight deadline that I’m struggling to meet because I’m so exhausted, he offered to come over and transcribe some of it for me. He has told me over and over again, when I get tired and emotional and worried, that I can and will find a great job very soon, that I am capable and skilled and can do this. And if that doesn’t work out, he says, there’s always exotic dancing. 😉

Thanks, Jon. I love you.


2 Responses

  1. what would your dancer name be?

  2. If we’re going by the “childhood pet’s name, street you grew up on” rule, then Corky Hampshire.

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