I’ve resisted creating a blog for many years. This is mostly because I feel there are far too many self-absorbed, whiny bloggers out there, and I would not like to be perceived as such. Lately, though, I’ve explored the blog world a little more as I’ve followed some political and environmental issues online, and I’ve seen that there are plenty of good ones out there, too. There are not only those out there who write because they want to feel adored, there are also those who are attempting to affect change. There are those who write because they desire selfish, emotional validation, and there are those who write in an attempt to understand themselves, others and their world in a deeper way. I really don’t want to be the kind of blogger who whines, so please let me know if this turns into that at any point! I also have been feeling rather isolated, as I used to travel for work quite a bit and was afforded a very flexible schedule, and that is no longer the case. I have been so lucky to have a job the last few years that actually allowed me to visit my far-flung friends now and again, meet new people and see new places. While I still consider myself lucky in general, of course, I hope this allows me a little more interaction than I’ve had in recent months. Please comment, tell me I’m crazy, whatever – I’d love to hear from you. Also, I had a couple of requests that I a) take my blog off of Facebook so everyone could read it, and b) write more in general. So the next few posts are some recent Facebook notes, just so I’ll actually have something here to start with. Here we go!


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